20 years-old, with a never ending desire to create. 

‘Three Fins’ is a lifestyle surf and street inspired brand. A brand where quality and style comes first. Producing funky, hand-drawn designs properly screen-printed onto quality garments, all made locally in Australia.


I've had a dream of sharing my crooked designs with the public since year 10 of high-school. I started this brand in 2018 with a dream to put my artwork onto garments that people will love and enjoy wearing.. stuff that makes my clothing a 'go to' item in your closet. This clothing journey is a lifestyle hobby of mine, pairing along with my day to day job as a Refrigeration Mechanic, I hand draw designs that i think have potential of having both a fun creative nature, whilst also providing hidden meanings that relate to todays world. My aim is pretty simple; since forever i've wanted to walk down the street and see others wearing a design that i've drawn, and with this idea, that dream is dam well possible.