‘Three Fins’ is a lifestyle surf and street inspired brand. 'Original products with no limit to imagination'. Each design you see from Three Fins is Hand-Drawn and Hand-Printed right here in Australia. Inspired by the World around us, we take inspiration from the streets and the many incredible terrains of planet earth to design some of the coolest artwork about.
We aim to produce clothing designs that are original, full of our own creative and stand out from the ordinary pack. All without sleeping on quality.




Yo, my name is Blake, and I am the creator of Three Fins Clothing.

I've had a dream of sharing my designs with the public since year 10 of high-school but i never had the guts to do anything with it. After school i decided to start this brand (in 2018) with a dream to put my artwork onto garments that people will love and enjoy wearing.. stuff that makes my clothing a 'go to' item in your closet. This clothing journey is now a lifestyle hobby of mine, pairing along with my day to day trade, I hand draw designs that i think have potential of having a fun creative nature, mixed with an eccentric style behind each piece. My aim is pretty simple; since forever i've wanted to walk down the street and see others wearing a design that i've drawn, and with this idea, that dream is now possible. If a piece of clothing makes somebody feel confident and makes them do a double look at themselves in the mirror cause they look too damn good, well then i've achieved my goal!

The big picture? Go global... but for now, we stay local and build from there. A dream with a journey.