A Change.

A little bit happened over the new year with Three Fins from 2018-2019 and i wanted to share to you all about what happened and why.

Three Fins went through a quiet period over the new year. My business partner Josh and I had been so busy and focused on getting collection 002 up, we forgot about planning for the next thing. We just stopped whilst we watched customers come rolling in, and once it got quiet.. we kinda weren't doing anything to make more sales, we were just busy with other things that we didn't focus on Three Fins like we both would have wanted to. 

I started this clothing company in 2018 by myself, but i thought i needed help financially and socially from other person to help me kick this business off the ground. So i asked Josh to become my partner in this journey to help share to the world our crazy ideas. It was so great, we worked real well together. But over the new year, because we stopped working entirely on Three Fins, we both had new goals and new inspirations personally. Josh wanted to focus on himself, as to where he wanted to go in life, regarding career and possible study and i was moving to Bendigo with my Dad to start an apprenticeship. With these two ideas in mind, Josh and i sat down to see what we'd do about the distance figure of me no longer living in Melbourne with him. At the end of this talk, The conclusion was that Josh was going to part his way from Three Fins and focus on himself and his journey for a while. I fully respect Josh's decision and am glad he could tell me his desires, so hell yeah man, kill it out there. He's done so much to help this company get kickstarted and its been a dope adventure with you. So yeah, its pretty sad seeing a partnership go their seperate ways, but its the experience that i gain that makes it all worth it, and you can't really beat that! 

The reason for this blog is because i wanted you guys to know why you may not be seeing Josh in photos or posts anymore. Josh and I still keep in touch each week and he is super dam supportive of the work going on behind the scenes here at Three Fins. But yes, i am now one in this journey, but i never had any intentions on stopping this label and won't stop anytime soon. So yeah, a lot has changed, i now live in Bendigo, i am solo, but its been a great change. The freedom to create garments for you all is through the roof, and it is so dam exciting to see what can be made of this idea. I am forever grateful for your support and patience as i moved cities and have been slightly inactive, but now that i am settled in... it's full steam ahead! Woo.