Not the kind of 2020 we were hoping for, hey?!

As we all know, this virus has been with us for months now. We're learning to adapt, we're adjusting to this new world thats in front of us, and we're coming to the fact thats it's going to be here for a while. Due to this mess, here at Three Fins we've had to make some small changes to the ways we do things. Not only to make the products that you buy safe and 'Covid Free', but to ensure that we're still able to run business as normal and provide you with those items in the first place. 

Heres a list of changes that Three Fins Clothing has brought into play: 

  1. Hand Sanitising/ clean station: We've kept all of our clothing in closed plastic boxes since the virus began so that we're not touching and moving them constantly before packaging. We also wash and sanitise our hands and clean all surfaces before packaging and handling also. You can have peace of mind knowing your products will be clean and safe.
  2. Increased Shipping Costs: Unfortunately, we've had to increase our regular postage shipping cost from $9 to $12 temporarily. Due to the increased demand across all of AUSPost currently, shipping times are delayed SIGNIFICANTLY and the parcel costs have increased due to their new standards too. This won't be forever, but it's for now. 
  3. Adjusted Garment Prices: We realise that a lot of people are out of work currently, we sucks! So because of that, we've made the decision to temporarily decrease the new regular pricing of our favourite items just for YOU! This allows more of you to afford our clothing even when your bank account is slightly lower than usual.

I think that's almost it! Thank you for being incredibly patient during this crappy time. We've been effected by this mess just like everyone else, and we've definitely seen better times. We hope you're staying safe out there, we hope you're wearing your masks, and we hope you know this wont be forever. Heres to having beers with mates real soon.