So Lately...

Hey Hey!

As life grows, so does this business. As I am riding this journey solo, things take a little bit of time (which is cool, just slow) but i'm super keen for the behind the scene work to take action in the coming weeks. 

Some of the waves that we've been making include having multiple retailers asking to stock Three Fins items in their stores, which is awesome to know that we're getting the name out there! We have also partnered with an online store (like ASOS) that is called Local Threads, to sell our products online too, and i am STOKED about that too. Another barrel made includes Three Fins having a couple of stalls at the Bendigo Moonlight markets in September and October. These market nights will be a great way to show the public the brand and what we have to offer. It's so so cool to think that ill be there with my gang of friends running a 'shop' for the public to come and visit at for a few nights. Like.. as a kid i used to go to markets and see the stalls and think "daymn, these guys must be big" because how on earth do people get stalls unless they're big companies? haha, so clueless... But yeah, i am so happy to be able to have the chance to do that. I'll be showcasing new products and new FRAMED ARTWORK too! The framed art work is something that i've been wanting to get out for ages now and to have people walk by and see my creations in front of them is super awesome and something that i've wanted to show for a while now.

If you are in Bendigo and wanna see what we have coming and to have a great night out, come round to the Bendigo Hargreaves Mall for the Moonlight Market. You'll have a ball and you could snag some specials at our stall too! 


Thats about it for now... :D 

Peace guys,